ICO rating

Tracking Rating - Key to Profitable ICO Investments

Initial Coin Offering is a type of crowdfunding, which has recently appeared on the market and is actively developing. Projects based on this scheme have helped many companies to obtain the required funding and start a business successfully. However, the most important point here is to opt for potentially beneficial ICOs and invest funds wisely.

ICO rating is the vital thing that should be considered before you make the first investment into the project. Here you can find the rating of the current projects, based on the independent analytical research that helped evaluate the offer and place on the right position in the overall rating.

Investing in ICO is definitely a potentially beneficial and profitable issue, though it bears a range of risks as well. Since the ICOs market is not completely learned and regulated, there is no definite set of rules and criteria for the project evaluation. As a result, there are many pitfalls and risks to fund non-successful projects.

Striving to provide clients with the safest and most advantageous options, the company has created its own rating based on standardized and transparent scale. Due to the unbiased and profound analysis of each and every project, we have an opportunity to be objective and provide investors with the full picture of project specifications, potential profits, and risks. Consequently, clients have an exclusive chance to make a well-informed decision.

Features and Factors to Take into Account before Investing

Once you have decided to fund some ICO, you need to consider several peculiarities, including the following:

  • Personnel, including history, team, track record, and credibility;
  • Coin supply, such as limited, pre-mined or capped;
  • White paper, presupposing details about the mission and vision of the company, fundamental purpose of the project;
  • Use case, which helps realize how practical your application will be used and whether the value is tradable;
  • Regulations, rules, and laws will help you make the investments and stay safe.

Generally, funding the ICO can be a profitable experience, but you need to be ultimately selective in order to succeed. Make sure you have learned the details of each project, found the place of the chosen project within the rating and invested the correct sum at the right time.

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