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Start date: 13 Nov 2017

End date: 13 May 2018

Smart ICO Investments with ICOarray

While the interest in cryptocurrency has significantly increased, the lists of current, forthcoming, as well as last ICO (Initial Coin Offering) became very popular among traders seeking for new opportunities of investing. ICOarray offers a complete list of upcoming ICOs of companies and projects operating in different sectors from real estate to gambling and casino waiting for new investments. All these companies were specially created for digital market activities having tokens and cryptocurrency integrated, that allow them to qualify for receiving funds from ICO.

Initial Coin Offer (ICO) vs. Initial Public Offer (IPO) - What Is the Difference?

Indeed, the abbreviations sound similar, and so are the principles. The business using Initial Coin Offering raises funds by offering not its shares, like during Initial Public Offering, but a kind of digital property named “tokens”. Selling tokens in its essence is nothing more than well-known crowdfunding though having several essential features caused by its digital nature added – using Bitcoin technology for transactions and ability for investors to use the services of the company that has issued the token. Being self-regulatory, on the blockchain basis, blockchain platform Telegram Open Network from the Telegram Messenger Team is an excellent example of the new generation projects using latest achievements of digital technologies and cryptocurrencies.

Features Necessary for Wise ICO Investments

To be able to catch the train and use the list of ICOs for making a smart and profitable investment, potential participants really need various features like ICOcountdown indicator, as well as other different markers and tools presented by ICOarray.

  • Ability to sort upcoming or ended ICO by:
    • Category – ranging from private banking (SwissBorg ICO) to decentralized sports investments (SportyFi ICO);
    • Status – active, upcoming, ended;
    • The platform used – Ethreium, Waves, NEO, NEM and others;
    • Accepting fiat and cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin, Etherium, Doge, USD and so on;
    • Month and year, including last added ICO;
    • Country of origin.
  • Watch list of the most prospective ones, such as DreamTeam ICO, with a possibility to add them to favorites or compare them with others;
  • A detailed description of each project, including information about the team of developers, finances, token price, market capitalization, date of starting and ending sales, as well as ICOcountdown to provide a more illustrative image.

ICOarray includes a range of services aimed at investors who would like to accumulate capital being involved in digital market activities and decrease investment risks.

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