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The ideal mutual assistance can be achieved by mutually rewarding each other for their impressive arts.

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194444444 WWB
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277777778 WWB
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About Wowoo ICO

The ideal mutual assistance can be achieved by mutually rewarding each other for their impressive arts.

  • Help other people

We could pay small for small impressed achievements, many a little makes a mickle. If this circle is spread, people all over the world will be helped for their impressive achievements.

  • Praise other people

Let’s praise those who made great contributions to the world. Voting, is one way to express our praises, which is one of the most obvious benchmark for the contributors and markets.

  • Understand other people

Impressive contributions and arts of people are everywhere! Wowoo platform will embody new value to these contributions, so people can understand each other further.

Wowoo is a one-of-a-kind new platform which supports Token Sales of impressive projects. The architecture of the system is based on proprietary technology called Smart Active Control (“SAC”).

The Wowoo organizer and/or Issuing users (Service Operators) can issue tokens with cum-voting rights. The Wowoo organizer and/or Issuing users can set covenants including types of rights, maturity dates and other conditions on the token. People can purchase these tokens with Ethereum, or other payment method determined.

As cryptocurrencies/tokens enabled people to pay extremely small amount with only a small cost and consuming less time, it is well suitable to represent real-life economic value and could be used to rephrase gratitude towards one’s great contributions and impressive arts of people. This is an ideal model-case for services that are especially made or provided on full donations or without economic compensations towards its contributors.

Wowoo Advisors

Kaneto Kanemoto

Masa Fukuda

Gen Matsuda

Hiro Rokugawa

Paweł Kuskowski

Adam Vaziri

Fujimaru Nichols


Yukio Yamashita

Chief Architect

Michio Jibik

Consulting Advisor

Augustin Vidovic


Yuya Sugiura


Wowoo Roadmap

Quarter 1, 2017

Wowoo concept created

Quarter 3, 2017

Wowoo supported by publicly listed company

Quarter 4, 2017

Wowoo to conduct an ICO

Quarter 1, 2018

Development of the Wowoo System

Quarter 3, 2018

Launch of Wowoo Service Full Package

Quarter 3, 2019

Launch of AI Services in Wowoo Platform

Quarter 4, 2019

Growing Wowoo ecosystem


Wowoo token info

Token WWB
Platform Ethereum

Coin price Undefined

Investment info

Accepting ETH
Equity on offer Undefined

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