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Self-regulated full stack blockchain ecosystem

The ultimate full stack ecosystem for launching and implementing your blockchain business. Funding the startups by additional emission of the platform’s liquid token. We eliminate third party services and commissions by providing multi-purpose toolkit of business services.

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Soft cap
3500000 USD
Hard cap
23500000 USD
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About WeAre ecosystem ICO

WeAre is an ecosystem, which contains amount of tools and services for investors and founders who are going for fundraising by issuing digital assets (tokens or cryptocurrency). Created concept is a solution for investors, founders and specialists that dramatically decreases mentioned problems.

We are implementing ACO (Additional Coin Offering). It means that projects may be sponsored not by issuing new token but by additional issuing WeAre token. The additional emission will be purchased by investors and liquid funds will be transferred to teams to fund their projects.

This approach has a lot of advantages:

  • No need to fight for tokens recognition.
  • It dramatically decreases expenses for keeping token serving infrastructure.
  • There is no need in bureaucracy or adding project to listings. Placing tokens on external exchanges is not needed anymore. Developers are working on their product only. 
  • High liquidity of token. 
  • Risks diversification for investors.
  • ACO is very handy for splitting funding on several rounds.
  • The ecosystem provides ability to cover failure of one project by success of other projects. So, failure will not make a critical financial damage to WeAre token holders. Also, this will happen because the token will still be needed for payments and making investments to other projects.

Information about different problems, solutions and stuff may be discussed in communities, chats, forums or in personal messages.

WeAre ecosystem Team

George Galoyan

Founder, CEO

Anton Vasilyev

Co-Founder; CBDO

Ivan Koshechev

Co-Founder, CTO

WeAre ecosystem Roadmap

Q2 — Q3 (2017)

• Creating first WeAre concept

Q4 (2017) — Q2 (2018)

• Forming the final model

Q2 — Q3 (2018)

• Exchange listings

Q4 (2018) — Q2 (2019)

• Completed ecosystem


WeAre ecosystem token info

Token WAE
Platform Ethereum

Coin price Undefined

Investment info

Accepting ETH
Equity on offer Undefined

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