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Transforming Healthcare Supply Chain

Synthium Health Inc. is the Alibaba of healthcare supply chain. Providing a streamlined and direct link from medical supplies manufacturers to medical providers, Synthium will be instrumental in drastically reducing cost while maximizing profit and/or lowering healthcare prices for patients. Synthium Health Platform (SHP) tokens create liquidity in a decentralized market, promoting a healthy competitive market within the healthcare industry. Synthium sets itself apart from competitors with three main components: 1. Fully operational and production ready platform 2. Experienced team with years of experience in the healthcare supply chain field 3. Concept of use built on market necessity and longevity The Synthium team has already committed over 27,000 man hours and half a million in personal funds in order to deliver a sustainable business to business platform. It is the first of its kind in the blockchain healthcare industry multi-billion dollar industry. We invite you to view the whit

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About Synthium Health ICO

Synthium Health provides a unique networking marketplace that brings together healthcare providers and suppliers for simplified, efficient and cost-effective exchanges that build businesses. Using advanced technologies and the best practices, Synthium Health’s automated platform creates efficiencies and maximizes revenues, all the way through the supply chain process. It empowers suppliers to extend their reach, sell faster, cut down on operational costs and deliver consistent buyer experiences across all touchpoints. Synthium Health also plans to collaborate with leading logistics partners to further serve the industry.

Major solutions provided by Synthium Health include:

  • Private block chains and inter-enterprise networks for improved security and visibility
  • Integration with multiple business partners such as hospital systems, 3PL, supplier systems and more - Manufacturers can “Go direct” and reduce operational costs
  • “Just-in-time” delivery of products by integrating with hospital information systems
  • Content Management to showcase and manage products and services for manufacturers
  • Digital commerce for automating the processes of orders, inventory management, billing and settlements for the provider institutions
  • Reporting and Analysis tool to help suppliers gain a better understanding of strategies that work and those that don’t to make better and informed decisions
  • Ability of manufacturers to interact with customers for feedback and ratings to fuel product innovation/improvements
  • Tool to align with global standards of delivery
  • Unified healthcare marketplace will decrease counterfeits and grey-market vendors, therefore increasing patient safety and revenues of legitimate manufacturers

Synthium Health Advisors

Kurt Blasena

Chief Revenue Officer, Healthgrades

Ruby Raley

VP Sales, Axway

Pete Schommer

Senior Director of Marketing, Medtronic

Leslie Teso-Lichtman

Partner & Financial consultant, CereVasc, LLC

Joseph Chiarelli

Managing Partner, Chiarelli & Company

Dave Johnson

COO, US Acute Care Solutions

Jeff Daniels

CEO, Bingham Memorial Hospital

Rick Curtis

President, Polymer Technology Company

Lisa Kilawee

Regional VP, Caravan Health

Moises Faidengold

President and Co-Founder, Medsigns Imaging

Vijay Reddy


George Kruythoff

Director of Sales Operations

Yamini Vedhire

Chief Financial Officer

Satish Jamwal

Product Development Manager

Synthium Health Roadmap

October 15, 2013

Concept – Research – Survey

January 1, 2014

Lead – Hire – Develop

April 1, 2014

Team – Add – Emerge – Expand

July 1, 2014

Document – Market – Sell

July 9, 2015

Improve – Expand – Grow

January 5, 2016


February 8, 2017

Platform Enhancements

August 31, 2017

TGE Announcement

October 17, 2017

Created and Deployed Wallet

January 1, 2018

Block chain – Data Center – Sales & Marketing

May 1, 2018

Guided Navigation Engine

September 1, 2018

Partner with Synergistic Businesses

January 1, 2019

Global Expansion


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Platform Ethereum

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