Storiqa ICO

A blockchain-revolution in e‑commerce

Storiqa is a marketplace with a wide range of functions for effective sales in the world of a new digital economy. The use of blockchain technologies destroys the boundaries between sellers and buyers, allowing the creation of a unique open trading platform with infinite growth potential.

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Storiqa coin (token) sale
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Soft cap
5,000,000 USD
Hard cap
25,000,000 USD
ICO country
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About Storiqa ICO

Direct access to buyers from all over the world without financial boundaries

The use of blockchain- technologies destroys the boundaries between sellers and buyers, allowing the creation of a unique open trading platform with infinite growth potential.

Tokens usage

Making purchases in Storiqa stores using cryptocurrency and STQ tokens. Buy real world goods with STQ tokens at a profitable exchange rate, or use familiar fiat currencies instead
Pay for sales and promotion of goods in your own store with STQ tokens. Use STQ tokens to pay for selling and promoting your own goods in Storiqa’s marketplace catalog – this makes STQ tokens a good thing to have.

Pay for all Storiqa services with STQ tokens. Make use of the wide range of features provided by the marketplace, pay with tokens and increase your sales.

Gain tokens as rewards for referral programs and CPA offers. Any webmaster will be able to see the goods purchased using referral links, and gain STQ tokens in reward.
Smart Contract

Smart-contracts usage

Safe purchase. Smart-contract commits a transaction only after successfull approvement by a customer. Safe purchase system arise service trust and makes online shopping more attractive.

Open statistics 24/7 based on smart-contracts. Token holders can easily investigate bisiness metrics of Storiqa marketplace.

Trusted reviews. Smart-contract fixes an interaction between seller and customer thats why one who didn’t pay couldn’t leave a review.

Inner CPA network. Any webmaster can check all his referal transactions in blockchain.

Storiqa Team

Pavel Maltsev

Project Manager

Sergey Prilutskiy

Blockchain Developer

Anton Alekseenko

Head of PR

Elena Lvova

Employed Brand Manager

Anna Karbysheva

SMM Manager

Aleksey Levenets

Front-end Developer

Yury Vasilchikov

Front-end Developer

Maksim Suchkov

Quality Analyst

Ruslan Tugushev

CEO, Co-founder

Anatoly Bordyugov

Investment consultant

Vigaz Nurullov

Strategic consultant

Storiqa Advisors

Sergey Fedorinov


Elina Sidorenko

Doctor of Law MGIMO

Maxim Tadevosyan

First Deputy General Director of Rambler & Co

Storiqa Roadmap

August 2016 A problem definition and searching the way to solve it

Market analysis Working out a strategy to solve ecommerce problems Consumers’ needs determining

December 2016 Cooperation with small business

Analysis of small business needs Attraction of the first shops Business plans creation

February 2017 The First stage of development

Shop v1.0 development Inventing possible logistics and shipping cases Preparation of blockchain implementing


Storiqa token info

Token STQ
Platform Ethereum

Coin price Undefined

Investment info

Accepting ETH
Equity on offer Undefined

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