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Serverless, auto-scalable api & web apps

Squeezer brings the microservices technology to blockchain technology. This move fixes the scaling issues and adjusts the stack to fit within the blockchain flexibility. Squeezer are building so called connectors which make the blockchain more friendly to developers and provide instant access to the blockchains data assets. Imagine that you want to save a list with employee descriptions to the blockchain and retrieve the data when required. In the current technology ecosystem it is a basic implementation that is easy to achieve however storing and retrieving data from a blockchain is different from a typical database and requires a lot of extra steps to achieve it. Squeezer will help you to do this quicker and without any extra effort so that you can focus more on your actual business processes.

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Squeezer coin (token) sale
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Soft cap
300000 USD
Hard cap
66000000 USD
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About Squeezer ICO

Pay as you go
Enjoy developing your projects for any preferred time frame without the pressure of monthly costs .

Intuitive deployments
Deploy only the newly added infrastructure, forget the traditional builds that takes forever .

Smart testing
Test the new features , skip the already tested ones . Your QA team will love this .

Squeezer Team

Nick Chisiu

Founder & CEO

Fabio Nani

Operations & Strategy Advisor (MBA)

Fabio Nani

Operations & Strategy Advisor (MBA)

Karl Eastwood

Financial Advisor

Vlad Nicula

Framework Lead Engineer

Odi Onyejekwe

Business Developer

Calina Oros

Legal Advisor

Stefano Curti

Innovation Advisor (MBA)

Matt Sampalean

Product Development Advisor

Ligia Gozman

Campaign Development

Squeezer Roadmap

December 2017

Token pre-sale crowdfunding stage

January 2018

Transcending to the final token sale

February 2018

Add token on public exchanger(s)

March 2018

Hiring additional resources to build the blockchain cloud connectors

December 2018

Deliver the blockchain cloud components & connectors

February 2019

Add support to buy subscriptions with the SQZ token & start to build apps connected to the blockchain


Squeezer token info

Token SQZ
Platform Ethereum

Coin price Undefined

Investment info

Accepting ETH
Equity on offer Undefined

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