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Rate Date – is a dating site, providing a unique opportunity to hold an online video date auction. This service makes it possible not only to find and communicate with interesting people, but create and take part in video date auctions as well.

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About Rate Date ICO

Rate Date includes a wide range of opportunities:
• easy access to the service,
• unlimited communication,
• opportunity to take part in the online video date auction as a Rater and a Dater

Dater - a registered user of Rate Date website, who places his or her profile on the online video date auction.

Rater - a registered user of Rate Date website, who participates in a tender on the online video date auction.

The primary goal of Rate Date Company is to unite as many lonely hearts as possible and make it easier for people to make acquaintances in the high tech age. When establishing the resource, Rate Date plans to develop and implement new opportunities for users, thus creating advantages over the majority of competitors.

The key idea of the project is to hold online video date auctions.

Any registered user can place his or her profile on an auction as a Dater and make bets at other auctions as a Rater. When creating an auction, the Dater has an opportunity to select bet ticks and auction timeframes at his own discretion.

Dater will get access to the funds from the winning bet after the video date has taken place, in case of the absence of complaints from either of the parties. Rate Date service charges commission for every successful deal amounting to 20% of the winning bet. All the funds received from the online auction can be use within the service, as well as withdrawn to your personal wallet.

Monetization Methods and using RDT in the service:

the acquisition of premium accounts with enhanced functionality; additional services for communication (gifts, emoji, etc.); participation on the online video date auctions.

Rate Date Team

Katerina Usatenko

Founder, CEO

Mikhail Kruglichenko

Strategic Planning Manager

Dmitry Nadsadin

Project Manager, Developer

Denis Goroshko

Web-Designer, Front-End Developer

Katerina Voronkina

Designer, Illustrator

Rate Date Advisors

Roman Liashko

Investor and specialist in business development

Rate Date Roadmap

Q4 2017

Prototyping of RateDate.net website

Q1 2018

Pre Sale, ICO Beta version of RateDate.net website

Q2 2018

RDT allocating Launch of the online video date auction

Q3 2018

Launch of the mobile application


Rate Date token info

Token RDT
Platform Ethereum

Coin price Undefined

Investment info

Accepting ETH
Equity on offer Undefined

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