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Making early stage tech investments accessible

Pulsar Venture Capital ICO - a venture foundation for investing in 29+ best startups from Eastern Europe, Silicon Valley and Ireland. Ranked #1 acceleration program in Russia by UBI global and having a bunch of great advisors from such companies as Google Ventures and 500startups, our ICO is a chance to invest in many projects by investing in just one.

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About Pulsar ICO

Pulsar Venture Capital (“Pulsar VC”) announces ICO, a token crowdsale to make investments in technology startups accessible and liquid.

Pulsar Venture Capital is an international early-stage venture capital fund and startup acceleration program with a main office in Kazan, Russia and presence in Dublin, Ireland, Silicon Valley, California, Dubai, UAE and Singapore.

Pulsar VC invests in early-stage startups with global and cross-regional opportunities focusing on disruptive companies in blockchain/cryptocurrency, IT, hardware, and advanced materials.

Pulsar VC runs an International Acceleration program that was rated #1 in Russia in 2016 by UBI Global. The program attracts top notch companies from Eastern Europe where Pulsar VC provides seed funding and extensive support with business development and fundraising from industry experts, mentors, advisors and investors.

Pulsar VC’s crowdsale mission is to give an opportunity to eligible purchasers to invest in the best early stage startups leveraging Pulsar VC’s dealflow, a proven model for investing with VC grade due diligence, a robust support process by Pulsar VC team with the help of global network of partners and investors.

All the participants in Pulsar VC’s crowdsale will be pre-qualified per residence country regulations and legislations.

Pulsar tokens (“Pulsars”) are liquid and will be available for trading on the open market. Token purchasers will participate in any upside from ownership of the Pulsars, as the proceeds from the exits and/or dividend distributions of portfolio companies will be used to repurchase the Pulsars in the market.

Pulsar Team

Pavel Korolev

Managing Partner, Founder

Leonard Grayver


Alexander Savchenkov


Yuri Rabinovich


Dmitry Shaposhnikov

Investment Director, Head Acceleration Program

Sergei Mitrofanov

Investment Director, Portfolio Business Development and Branding

Ilia Karas

Investment Director, Portfolio Product Development

Gadir Shiraliyev

Investment Director, IR & Corporate Relationships

Ivan Drobyshev

Head of PR and Marketing

Pulsar Advisors

Igor Agamirzyan

Ph.D. HSE, Moscow, Russia

Marvin Liao

500 Startups, SV, USA

Bill Reichert

Garage Ventures, SV, USA

Alexandra Johnson

Global Technology Symposium, SV, USA

Paolo Borella

Vertical, Helsinki, Finland

Jeffrey Paine

Golden Gate Ventures, Singapore

Eamonn Sayers

GEC, Dublin, Ireland

Bril Wang

Cardinal Pitch Club, China, USA

Voytek Siewierski

Silicon Valley Venture Partners, Poland, USA

Dmitry Mozhaev

FinstarLabs, Moscow, Russia

Jordan Wahbe

Bay Angels, SV, USA

Pulsar Roadmap

02 July 2018

The ICO launch;
WHA Project will start accepting WHA as a means of payment in internal App market;
The marketing of the WHA Project App all over the world;
Further app development and support.


Pulsar token info

Token PVC
Platform Ethereum

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Accepting ETH
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