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The blockchaine platform, which includes a number of innovative products

Currently we have already created a mobile app (beta versions available for Android and iOS). It is a blockchain messenger in which you can keep cryptocurrencies, exchange them with your friends, add them and withdraw them. For now, only Bitcoin and Ethereum have been tested and are ready to be transferred.The wallets are created in the app automatically upon registration, you can also make a backup copy of your wallet and restore it. It has all functions of a standard messenger. Even more features will be added, as the project is still under development. The application can currently be downloaded from App Store and Google Play. It is our working MVP.

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About Paymon Blockchain Platform ICO

VISION OF PAYMON AND ICO PLANS 1. Paymon platform. What will Paymon have? - Decentralized token exchange of all types of blockchain; - A system for creating smart contracts with ready-made pre-configured contents; - API for developers; - Developers who use Paymon platform will be fully supported by the creators and will have greater opportunities; - Security system for both users and developers; - You will be able to create your own token or cryptocurrency; - You will be able to organize and launch your own Token Sale (ICO); Escrow; - Financial transactions and mobile payments; - Confirmation of assets possession; - Voting and rating system; - Authorization and authentication confirmation. Paymon cruptocurrency. If cryptocurrency is ever to become a tool of the future finance, it needs to have scaling level of at least VISA and MasterCard. Currently none of the existent cryptocurrencies can say that they have it. We are confident that our cryptocurrency PMNC will be as popular as Bitcoin, and even more. PMNC is not just a token, it is a digital asset with the following functions: - Safe keeping of your funds; - Possibility of assets growth; - Instant exchange of currency between the network users; - One common interface for investments in classic assets, currencies and cryptocurrencies; - Forex hedging. We believe that cryptocurrency must be: - Anonymous - Fast - Without any transaction fees Blockchain that is used to make cryptocurrencies must have the following features: - Scalability - Full decentralization - Transparency Important information! Our ICO will be conducted in 3 stages. It means that our team is ready for a long-term work, and you will be able to monitor development of the project. Each day more and more merchants and developers of ICO projects will be joining Paymon, encouraging their users to pay for goods with PMNC, thus ensuring our steady growth. PAYMON ICO BENEFITS AND BONUSES A certain amount of tokens will be issued for each stage of the ICO. It is better to invest right at the start, as there are more tokens, more bonuses – more profits in the end. During the first 2 days of STAGE I you will be able to purchase tokens with bonuses. We are planning to provide all of our earliest investors with the best bonuses in gratitude for their trust. If you have PMNC (Paymon coin), you will be able to create your own company within Paymon and receive payments for your goods in cryptocurrency. Also you will be able to get full spectrum of Paymon services. Our main goal is with the help of ICO to distribute as many tokens as possible.

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Paymon Blockchain Platform Roadmap

25.12.17 - 01.02.18



Start ICO

02.02.18 - 27.02.18


05.03.18 -

End of the ICO (Stage 1)

06.03.18 - 10.03.18

Analysis of the campaign


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Token PMNT
Platform Ethereum

Coin price 1 USD = 0.1 PMNT

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Accepting ETH
Equity on offer Undefined

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