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The first 100% algorithmic crypto asset manager

NaPoleonX is the first 100% algorithmic crypto asset manager. It has been designed by ex multi-billions asset managers specifically to holders of cryptos who are looking for a return on their savings.

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10,000,000 EUR
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15,000,000 EUR
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About Napoleon X ICO

NapoleonX is the first 100% algorithmic crypto asset manager. We are a French entity that will be fully regulated and licensed. We have been founded by former multi-billion asset managers at Tier 1 banks, who have designed and run high-performance trading bots for the past 10 years. We think that two phenomenons are currently shaping a new paradigm that will completely redefine the investment industry, to the benefit of the community, while giving anyone access to the best investment strategies. On the one hand, we witness the emergence of new governance schemes enabled by smart contracts (and the corresponding DAOs, DACs, etc) and on the other hand, we observe the omnipresence of the investing quant strategies and bots in the best hedge funds and banks. Combining these two expanding developments allows people to get their complete freedom back on their investments, far from current investment mechanisms controlled by an ever ageing banking system. NapoleonX’s value proposal is underpinned by long-standing, high-performing trading bots running on a variety of highly liquid assets. NaPoleonX will capitalize on a broad range of existing trading systems developed by an experienced team in financial markets. Our team will continue designing and managing new trading bots that will be encapsulated into investment vehicles, aka Decentralized Autonomous Funds (DAF), in order to give investors access to robust investing strategies. These investment solutions have been tailored with crypto-holders in mind, who are looking for decent returns on their savings.


NapoleonX project is about becoming the master sponsor for launching a series of Decentralized Autonomous Funds (DAFs). These vehicles will invest in 100% algorithmic solutions proposed by Napoleon Crypto. NapoleonX will benefit from 85% of all performance fees generated by the various DAFs and 100% of the performance on its participation in these vehicles.


Napoleon Crypto will run a platform that will enable the design of algorithmic solutions on an open source scheme. It will act as an advisor to NapoleonX by regularly proposing new algorithms to launch new DAFs. NapoleonX will vote on the effectively launched DAFs. In exchange, Napoleon Crypto will benefit from 15% of all performance fees.

The golden equation

DAFs, or Decentralized Autonomous Funds, have been introduced for the first time in NaPoleonX’s Whitepaper (Dec 2016). DAFs are conceived as smart contracts able to invest in financial markets through trading bots. A trading bot is basically an algorithm buying or selling a given underlying asset (ex: S&P500, ETH …) in order to generate an absolute performance.

A DAF will empower its owners to select (i) which trading bot(s) to use among a selection list provided by Napoleon Crypto and (ii) the appropriate leverage level. This initial “bot alloc

Napoleon X Advisors

Jérome de Tychey

Stéphane Mardel

Lucas Bouldoires

Moe Levin


Justin Jovanovic


Roderik van der Graaf


Hubert de Vauplane


Stéphane Ifrah

Arnaud Dartois

Jean-Charles Dudek

Stefan Duprey

Alexandre Coutouly

Rémi Hassan

Diane Guillemin

Marien Irzykiewicz

Carlos Rodriguez

Kun Xu

Jianfei Zhang

Napoleon X Roadmap

Fall 2017


2 months post ICO

Asset Management status acquisition

2.5 month post ICO

Release of NapoleonX Platform

3 month post ICO

Launch of first 10 Napoleon Capital Indices

4 month post ICO

Launch of first 1-3 FDAFs (depending on the ICO size)


Napoleon X token info

Token NPX
Platform Ethereum

Coin price Undefined

Investment info

Accepting ETH
Equity on offer Undefined

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