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Combining Scientific Research Computing with AgTech

Utilizing the BOINC protocol, our network will help provide computing power for scientific research. As a reward for providing the computing power, users will receive Namaste Coin which can be spent on the products and services provided by AKuaponics3D, LLC.

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About Namaste Coin ICO

What We're Achieving Namaste Coin will fund the initial development of two indoor vertical farm locations. These AI-controlled, sustainable farms will produce fresh, organic food that is then purchased with the Namaste coin, other cryptocurrenices or traditional payments. ‚Äč The coins will be mined using our specially developed high-efficiency, renewable energy powered mining rigs from miners that are geographically local to the facilities. The blockchain will work with researchers to use the computing power our miners provide to solve complex data problems such as utilization of the BOINC system that is computing climate change data, DNA sequencing, SETI research, or other data. In essence, we are going to use the power of the blockchain to contribute to solving some of the world's most complex problems, all while providing people with fresh, organic, locally produced food. We want to enrich lives on a local and worldwide level. More Than Just Food RENEWABLE ENERGY FACILITIES - Geographic area specific energy-producing technologies such as kinetic, hydro, solar, geothermal, wind and other promising renewable energy sources will be utilized. RENEWABLE ENERGY MINING RIGS - We have designed an extremely energy-efficient mining system that is solar powered with battery storage. No need to run up your electricity bill! MINING POWER USED TO SOLVE THE WORLD'S TOUGHEST COMPUTATION CHALLENGES - Very few cryptocurrencies are dedicating the computing power provided by their miners to processing mega-data for researchers in the fields of climate change, DNA and genome sequencing, and other projects that require a significant amount of computing power. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE - Each facility will have the bulk of the operations conducted by AI controlled equipment. INNOVATION - We foster innovation, and each site will offer educational tours, workshops and internships. ZERO-WASTE POLICY & TRACEABLE INVENTORY- We will streamline the process of production and logistics. All excess food will be donated to local food banks and shelters. ON-SITE 3D PRINTERS - 3D Printers will help us produce our own replacement parts for the system, as well as offer novelty items for tourists, thereby reducing overhead and providing an income source. LOCAL MINERS PREFERRED - It will be local miners who benefit the most from our services. As each new facility is announced in a different city, extensive marketing for special incentives will entice more miners to join the pool. SMALLER MINING POOLS - This will help with the problem of other chains that become inundated with miners, thus decreasing the rewards. PROOF-OF-RESEARCH - Tiered bonuses awarded to those who hold on to their coins. All businesses are owned and managed by AKuaponics3D, LLC and are run as for-profit ventures.

Namaste Coin Team

Kimberly Forsythe


Namaste Coin Roadmap

January 1, 2018

Official Launch

February 1, 2018

Token Sale Launch

March 15, 2018

Token Sale Conclusion

Q2 2018

Design & Launch Blockchain, Website and Wallet

Q3 2018

Research & Development of facility design, location, Demographics, Regulations, etc.

Q4 2018

Construction of facilities, hire staff, open for visitors

Q1 2019

First harvest of crops, expand


Namaste Coin token info

Token NMST
Platform Ethereum

Coin price 1 ETH = 300 NMST

February 1 2018 +0%

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Accepting LTC
Equity on offer 50,000,000 NMST

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