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A mobile app to invest in crypto assets

Kript is an Ethereum-based mobile app designed to help crypto investors manage their assets. The app features the latest major news and updates about the ICO analytics, price forecasting information fuelled by the community and by top crypto investors. Through Kript you can build and manage a crypto portfolio, be in touch with successful traders around the world, invest in cryptocurrencies and ICOs, and get insightful information about the market and the future price of crypto assets.

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About Kript

Kript is not a broker, a stock market or a wallet. It’s not even a fund or a prediction market. It is an ecosystem for investing in crypto assets. We want to help millions of investors to invest money in crypto assets and ICO tokens simply and safely.

Trading, news, analytics, communication. Everything is in one place. To make it clearer, imagine a guy called Max who decided to become a crypto investor. He downloaded Kript knowing nothing about the stock market. To choose an ICO suitable for investments, he opens companies’ ratings, selects the appropriate one and reads reviews from the experts relying on description and scoring. After making just a few clicks, he buys the tokens. He also subscribes to the company’s news in order not to miss upcoming events and monitor the profiles and actions of successful investors. From now on, he can analyse a crypto world by himself.

Kript is based on the Ethereum platform. The security of transactions and Max’s personal data are protected by smart-contracts. Independent security services — oracles — are used to authorize
transactions within the network. Kript does not have access to Max’s account keys and can not independently change the balance or make transactions. All operations are only performed with the client’s consent, taking into consideration the best industry practices for digital security.

Kript is a platform for the knowledge exchange. Users can monitor other users’ portfolios — what assets they include and what profit they bring. Kript creates a rating for Max’s transactions and demonstrates
the most efficient investments. If Max thinks that he understands enough and ready to help others, he can earn an extra profit by making his portfolio public. A platform brings an opportunity to get rewards for that kind of users who share their knowledge and experience with other members of an ecosystem, thus becoming Kript’s experts.

Kript Team

Philip Joslin

General Manager ex-EUREX

Ruslan Smirnov

Co-founder, Product Management and Marketing ex-BCS Financial Group

Kript Advisors

Dmitry Firsov

Co-founder, Business Development and Legal Issues NWTN-Group

Stephan Dertnig

Investor and business coach

Alexander Yakovlev

Head of decentralized solutions direction at National Settlement Depository

Matthias Rietig

EXECUTIVE ADVISOR TO THE BOARD Osaka Securities Exchange / Japan Exchange Group Inc

Kript Roadmap

Q3 2017

The company’s registration in Singapore The White Paper’s publication launch Development of the beta version of the application: an informative application without commercial functionality including the sections such as “Quotes”, “News” and “ICO” KRPT token release on the Ethereum

Pre-ICO 18/09-18/10

Road show Attraction of advisors and experts Clarifying the architecture of Dapp, the technology solutions, and partners to be used in future Further development of application

Q4 2017

The application will have new sections such as “Forecasts” and “experts rating” Integration with TOP-5 crypto markets and basic crypto wallets, release of the section “Portfolio”

ICO 19/10-19/11

Launch of a beta version in application stores in English, Japanese and Chinese

1st half of 2018

Release of the main sections of the application based on the comments from users and KRPT token holders Testing of a decentralized p2p-stock-exchange within the application Adding KRPT token into crypto stock exchanges

2nd half of 2018

Decentralization of the main functions of the application (before only wallets are decentralized) Release of the virtual consultant and personal recommendations using artificial intelligence, which processes the events in the blockchain-networks


Active Product Promotion in the APEC Region


Kript token info

Token KRPT
Platform Ethereum

Coin price Undefined

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Accepting ETH
Equity on offer Undefined

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