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Blockchain powered knowledge sharing platform is a blockchain powered knowledge sharing platform which enables consumers and experts to prove their knowledge in many areas of expertise, and earn tokens which can be redeemed for real-life rewards. The platform also contains the Q&ADS Knowledge Score Targeting enabling marketers and advertisers to target advertising at real people who have proven expertise in their areas, avoiding many issues prevalent with adtech today.

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About Knowledge ICO

From the day we are born, we are continuously learning. Early on in our lives we learn a wide variety of skills - reading, writing, arithmetic, what we like, what we don’t like - somewhere along the way, we are taught that the rewards and bene ts for learning and attaining knowl- edge will be more clear later in life. As a society, we indebt ourselves nancially, spending years in schools and colleges accumulating knowledge, and as we progress through our ed- ucational journey, we are told knowledge is itself a reward, that knowing something should be reward enough. After many years of formal schooling and attaining knowledge, we realize that the main outcome of this learning, the value of what we know, is nancial in nature.

Throughout the entirety of human history, people have celebrated achievement. Today, this is perhaps most visible in professional athletics, where top teams and their superstars re- ceive immense praise, recognition, and rewards. This motivates aspiring players to strive to perform at higher levels, providing role models and goals for people inclined towards com- petition. Professional sports and similar platforms for celebrating human accomplishment also create downstream fan markets: analysts, reporters, spectators, product developers, marketers and venue, sponsors, and other vested interests all have an emotional and eco- nomic stake in the performance of “their” teams. What if this level of enthusiasm were directed towards knowledge? is making this happen, and is revolutionizing the way people connect and value knowledge.

Nature designed us to be attracted to things that provide immediate reward – like eating a cake, kissing a partner, watching your favorite TV show, listening to music, and playing games. It takes a whole year to get on the dean’s list in a college – that’s a long time compared to the 30 minutes you spend watching your favorite tv show. So why is knowledge treated so differently? Why should knowledge be rewarded abstractly, and not directly? The platform solves this problem by rewarding knowledge and participation with the Knowledge Token. began as a concept for rewarding and celebrating knowledge. Everyone pos- sesses knowledge, and is shaped through their individual life experiences, but opportunities to share, showcase, and receive the bene t of one’s own knowledge can be scarce for most people. introduces a platform to applaud and reward users for sharing their knowledge. proposes a platform that will enable its participants to attain an immediate reward and validation through gami ed learning, veri cation of expertise, and cutting-edge ad tech based technology. is a multifaceted platform with for- ward thinking crypto technology, creating a user centri

Knowledge Advisors

Marvin Dumont Bitcoin + ICOs + Blockchain

Yasuhiro Takayama

Marketing Director at Cinarra Systems Crypto currency evangelist in Japan

Bridget Bidlack

SVP Product at Movable Ink

Nick Cote

Crypto Advisor

Brad Mehl

Founder & CEO Lively

Ryan Rule-Hoffman

Blockchain Advisor

Dana Garvey

President & CEO Gaming Grids

John Jeries

Chief Information Officer Benedictine University

Tim Mcdougall

MarTech Advisor & IKL

Alfred Jordan

Strategic Advisor

Sean Brizendine

Blockchain Advisor

Ryan Seaver

AdTech Advisor & IKL

Anas Adhami

Chief Executive Officer

Steven Englander

Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer

Marcia Hales

Chief Operations Officer

Christian Gartner

Chief Financial Officer

Larry Walters

Managing Attorney Walters Law Group

Kristopher Adams

Principal Data Architect

Gabo Esquivel

Principal Blockchain Architect

Bryan Ramirez

Principal Software Architect

Rommel Castro

Software Engineer IKL

Adriel Diaz

Full Stack Engineer DD

Diego Solano

Front End/UI Engineer DD

Sebastian Valladares

Director of Projects DD

Kaloyana Manova

SQL Developer

Richard Stuppi

SQL Developer

Bob Maurer

SQL Developer

Adhavan Palanisamy

3D Design & Animation Engineer

Knowledge Roadmap

Phase 1 - Q4 2017 2017 –

Ad Tech Platform

Phase 2 - 2018

IKL Labs Launch

Phase 3 - 2019

IKL Labs Product Releases


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