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Decentralized Big Data

Insights is automating the data brokerage industry via blockchain technology and smart contracts. Users securely own, manage, and monetize their data with the Insights Wallet. Data Brokerage corporations are generating $200 Billion a year in revenue. The Insights Network will transfer that wealth from corporation to consumer over the next ten years.

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About Insights Network ICO

MISSION – To create a trustless decentralized market research network.

Insights is building a decentralized network for the storage of sensitive consumer data accompanied by a platform for organizations to conduct marketing research. Organizations will be able to use the platform to place requests for data on precisely defined target populations existing in the Insights Network.

The Insights Network is a platform that facilitates transactions between two distinct groups: requesters and providers. Requesters need information from Providers and are willing to pay for it. Our token ecosystem will be driven with INS. INS will be used to pay for data requests from Requesters and to reward Providers. Holders of Insights tokens will be able to place data requests or sell them to people who want to.

Ecosystem Adoption

INS tokens minted as incentives for early adopters will fuel the migration of existing consumer data into the platform where it becomes under the control and ownership of the consumer. For example, releasing one token for every ten data points a consumer inputs that is successfully validated by our Secure Multi Party Computation partners will drive 900 million accurate consumer data points into the network. This provides a data buffet for the existing $200 billion/year Data Brokerage industry to tap into.

In order to kickstart our ecosystem and continue our development, we will host a token sale and distribute tokens. There will be a total supply of 300 million INS created. 15 million (5%) will be sold in a private pre-sale with a discount. 90 million (30%) will be reserved for the Insights Network Ecosystem. 90 million (30%) will be reserved for the team and future hires.
105 million (35%) will be sold through a crowdsale event via Ethereum smart contract for a max raise of $15 million USD. This crowdsale will run from 12/5/17 through 12/27/17.

Insights Network Team

Brian Gallagher

Co-founder & CEO

Darwin Lo

Co-founder & CTO

Brandan Zaucha

Co-founder, Business Development & Community

Dylan Herman

Blockchain Developer

Dino Amaral

Smart Contract Engineer

Insights Network Roadmap

Insights: Q1-Q3 2017

-Proof of Concept

Insights: Q4 2017

-Announcement of Project at BlockCon

Insights: Q1 2018

-INS Network Desktop Client Beta ERC-20 tokens redeemable in client

Insights: Q2 2018

-Multi Party Computation

Insights: Q3 2018

-EOS Platform Beta Opens

Insights: Q4 2018

-INS EOS blockchain Desktop Client Fully Functional Publicly Available Polling Daily


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Platform Ethereum

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