Evareium ICO

Asset backed, digitalized real estate investment platform

Evareium (EVM) presents an opportunity to invest in a new real estate asset-pool fund and asset management company, that will manage investment funds via blockchain tokens, offering the opportunity for immediate, tokenized exchange in an otherwise inherently highly-illiquid, long-term-only asset investment class. EVM will target only lucrative off-market real estate asset acquisitions, with high capital growth and strong investment returns potential fundamentals. Giving instant liquidity through tokenized exchange via the blockchain – a first for the $ 3 trillion+ real estate fund industry globally.

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Evareium ICO rating
Evareium coin (token) sale
ICO start date:
ICO end date:
1 USD = 1 EVM
Soft cap
90,000,000 USD
Hard cap
ICO country
United Arab Emirates

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About Evareium ICO

Evareium offers the opportunity to invest in a tokenized private equity real estate fund and own part of the management company - thus getting upside from all future funds raised and assets managed in perpetuity

  • ​We target only the most lucrative off-market and on--market real estate asset acquisitions
  • With high capital growth and strong investment returns potential fundamentals
  • ​Giving instant liquidity through blockchain tokenized exchange

Evareium will disrupt the $700+ billion Global Private Equity Real Estate Fund market on a large-scale ... a burgeoning industry creating huge wealth but accessible to only very large investors and not allowing contributors to sell their stakes for ten or more years.

Evareium Team

Stefan Hickmott

CEO and Founder

Mark Wilson

Principal - Investments

Negath Manzoor

Director of Finance & Operations

Matthew T. Ranson

Corporate Strategist

Andrew Rowlstone

Head of Investor Relations

Evareium Advisors

Tom Le


Henrique Centieiro

ICO Advisor

Muhammad Haroon

ICO Advisor

Jonathan Lane

ICO Advisor

Yogesh Gaikwad

ICO Advisor

Desmond Marshall

ICO Advisor


Lead Technical Advisor

Sergey Petkevich

Blockchain Specialist

Alex Norta

Blockchain Scientist

Evareium Roadmap

September 2017

Pre-ITO Launch

October 2017

ITO launch and EVM issuance

Q4 2017

Deploy Investment Funds into Assets

Q1 2018

Final ITO Release and All EVM issued


Deploy Funds into Projects and Assets

Q4 2018

Manage EVM Assets & Launch Next Tokenized Fund


Evareium token info

Token EVM
Platform Ethereum

Coin price 1 USD = 1 EVM

Investment info

Accepting BTC
Equity on offer Undefined

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