The first AI crypto-assets investment fund

Elpis will be the first crypto-asset investment fund totally driven by Artificial Intelligence. We have developed a system that would allow us to have the best possible performance for the lowest possible costs and risks. We work only on performance and transparently with a public auditing blockchain ledger.

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Soft cap
1,000,000 USD
Hard cap
20,000,000 USD
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We are not yet another digital investment company. Elpis is a cutting-edge hybrid company that brings together digital and investment fund expertise with the fresh, game-changing approach of a start-up. Through state-of-the-art AI technologies, we have a completely automated technology-driven trading tech able to provide our investors with tailored, transparent and efficient investment strategies. We value our investors’ needs and goals: we use the latest AI technologies to secure their wealth and maximize their returns. Our system crunches large quantities of data, analyzing and selecting the most useful information in order to instantaneously implement the customized strategies. Our investors can not only understand what’s happening to their investment plans at any time, but they can also constantly monitor and follow every decision and movement of their money through the blockchain ledger. Elpis is committed to give the investors the highest levels of transparency, maximizing the returns at the lower rates, minimizing all the risks and costs inherent to all the human-based investment management systems.

Elpis is not only a hybrid company that unites financial expertise with technological innovation, it’s a hybrid company also because of our unique way of approaching new markets and new opportunities. Thanks to our technology and our outstanding team we are able to invest using the same AI-based system both in assets and in cryptocurrencies: this is why Elpis is unique and one of the first crypto- assets investments funds in the world.

ELPIS Advisors

Ian Scarffe

Advisor and Board Member

Manan Mehta

Advisor and Board Member

Desmond Marshall

Advisor and Board Member

Simon Cocking

Advisor and Board Member

Beryl Chavez Lee

Advisor and Partner

Gabriel Zanko

Advisor and Partner

Andrea De Francisci


Anatoly Castella


Luigi Piva


Andrea Boi

Design & UX

Giulio Gagliano

Growth hacker

Giuseppe Solinas

Chief editor

Samuel Zocchetti

Quant Developer

Matteo Bigon

Data Scientist

Francesco Postadi

Financial Advisor

ELPIS Roadmap

October to January


February to April

Public ICO

May to January 2019

Post ICO

January to July 2019

Operational Stage


ELPIS token info

Token ELP
Platform Ethereum

Coin price Undefined

Investment info

Accepting ETH
Equity on offer Undefined

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