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Blockchain-Powered​ Global Food Economy​

eHarvestHub enables more than 480 million Small Farmers to provide food transparency, track their product quality, successful delivery and sell directly to supermarkets. No middlemen needed. Sales negotiations, logistics, prices and payments agreements are done through our smart contracts and in real time.​

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About eHarvestHub

eHarvestHub decentralized Fresh Food Marketplace enables small farmers to sell directly to grocers from around the world. Creating efficiency by hiring truckers directly by the farmer or grocer. Farmers get paid higher prices, truckers make more money while transportation is less expensive and grocers can provide consumers with true food transparency.

Powered by Blockchain technology third parties are no longer needed to negotiate prices and agree on transportation. With our cryptocurrency, Farmers and truckers can be paid fasters. We are giving the control of our food supply chain back to the consumer. Through our platform consumers not only will they have full transparency of their food origin but will get to how much farmers and truckers get paid. Consumers will be able to invest in farmers anywhere in the world. Big Food Corporations will no longer control our food supply.

eHarvestHub Advisors

Stephen McNamara

Mark Dawds

Suzy Monford

Maria Latuskhin

Heather Richman

Francois Bourgault

Garret Patricio

Louie Villarreal

Felix Maradiaga

Alvaro Ramirez

Chief Operating Officer/Founder

Francisco Rojas

Head of Sales and Marketing

Quency Phillips

Marketing and Public Relations

Diego Galeano

Lead Engineer & Full Stack Developer

Julio García

Mobile Engineer

Moisés Aburto

Full Stack & Blockchain Engineer

Danny Narváez

Mobile & Full Stack Engineer

Sergio Velazquez

Full Stack & Blockchain Engineer

eHarvestHub Roadmap

Nov 2011 – Jul 2012

Customer Discovery

Jan 2013 – Dec 2014

Traceability MVP soft launch

Jan 2015 - Oct 2015

Release Order Management System

Mar 2016

Closed $1Million from Tim Draper’s Ventures Lab & Kaiwu Capita Begun development of Marketplace, Transportation platform and Inventory Management System (IMS)

Jul 2016

Partnered with Universidad Americana de Managua (UAM) and Universidad Nacional de Ingenieria (UNI) in Nicaragua to carry out a weekend hackathon to find our awesome development team

Dec 2016

Marketplace and Inventory Management System are Completed

Jan 2018

eHarvestHaul platform completed and released

Nov 21 to 28, 2017

Pre-ICO event. We have set no minimum for the Pre-ICO. Our bonus structure reflects how important you are to us.

Nov 2017 – Mar 2018

Commence Blockchain traceability development and test in Nicaraguan Pilot. Blockchain Traceability will connect the consumer directly to the Farmer

Apr 2018

ICO tentatively will start April 28 th ending May 24 th , 2018 We expect to raise a minimum of $7,000,000 US dollars.

Jun 2018

Token marketplace platform to be completed. Token contributors will be able to list and directly sale EHH tokens to eHarvestHub customers. Customers will begin to pay eHarvestHub for services creating demand for tokens to be sold.3 rd Parties will be able to pay eHarvestHub for marketing to its members.

Jan 2019

Customers will begin using EHH Token to pay for products and services offered in eHarvestHub Marketplace.


eHarvestHub token info

Token EHH
Platform Ethereum

Coin price Undefined

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Accepting ETH
Equity on offer Undefined

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