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The Future of Global Copyright Registration

Digital content management faces two types of challenges – those faced by users and those faced by rights-holders. Users often misunderstand the usage of digital images online and the corresponding licensing options. On the other hand, rights-holders have few or no methods to prove ownership of original content and derivative work. Also, they often have inadequate tools to track the usage of their copyrighted images and identify violations. Both users and rights-holders are faced with the challenge of reducing the cost of payments, and these costs are invariably added to price of use-rights. In addition, both groups struggle with facilitating seamless and timely settlement of payments.

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About Copytrack ICO

COPYTRACK currently offers 4 key services. These services are free for anyone to use. We strive for equitable solutions between rightsholders and offenders. First, we must understand, in part, the nature of copyrights and how violations can occur.

As we all know, pictures are copied and distributed illegally countless times each day. These pictures are stolen from their creators countless times, who are put at a great financial disadvantage due to the current copyright enforcement system.

In the current system, copyright infringements are difficult to pursue and are often considered a trivial offense. There also remains a legal risk to rights-holders, in addition to the time required to detect an infringement and take action against it.

As such, our services are outlined as follows:

  1. Post-licensing in over 140 countries
  2. Legal advice by qualified lawyers
  3. “One-click” case management
  4. Personal customer service

COPYTRACK provides a tool to comfortably navigate this process without any risk or hassle to rights-holders. We offer our service free of charge, and even bear the risk of legal fees. COPYTRACK only takes a small success-related commission. The benefits for rights-holders are:

  1. Free use of platform
  2. Zero risk of legal enforcement
  3. Focus: “post”-licensing
  4. Fair approach for both parties

COPYTRACK always strives for a fair settlement between all sides and emphasizes premiere customer service on two fronts: post-licensing and search-matching.

  1. Post-licensing. In essence, this is the purchase of a proper license after a registered image has been used by the rights-violator. Rather than being sued and facing tremendous costs, we cure the infringement by offering a fair post-licensing to the offender. Post-licensing provides advantages to both users of copyrighted content and the associated rights-holders. Benefits for violators include avoiding a bad reputation in addition to saving time and resources on fighting costly legal battles. On the other hand, rights-holders gain by having access to postlicensing worldwide and being paid faster. We encourage our clients to focus on their profession and not on lawsuits.
  2. Search, Match, and License. COPYTRACK offers a full start-to-finish service – from searching for the use of a rights-holder’s images on the internet, to matching the findings precisely to the photographer’s images and identifying unlicensed usage – in order to obtain a post-licensing fee or claim damages on behalf of the rights-holder.

Copytrack Advisors

Daniel Eiba

Advisor Business Model, Marketing & Sales

Sebastian Mannsfeld

Advisor Intl. Finance, Tax

Sascha Schumann

Advisor IT-Security

Noriaki Okubo

Advisor Investments & Investor

Ken Shishido

Advisor Cryptocurrency

Aaron Koenig

Advisor Cryptocurrency

Marcus Schmitt

Chief Executive Officer

Stefan Bär

Chief Technology Officer

Sandro Mäder

Head of Operations

Marie Slowioczek-Mannsfeld

Head of legal

Copytrack Roadmap


Foundation of COPYTRACK


Start COPYTRACK SERVICE in 140 countries




Launch office in New York and Tokyo


Portal in JP, DE, CN & FR language


Launch NEW automatic Settlement-Portal



Q2 2018

Launch Global COPYTRACK Register

Q2 2018


Q3 2018

Start converting Ltd. into Foundation Launch Evidence "Safe"

Q4 2018

Launch publiс API for "various media" registration

Q2 2019

Launch COPYTRACK-market


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