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Charity blockchain revolution

It is a system built on the smart contract Ethereum, through which fundraisings of that currency are organized, the majority of which is donated to charities, orphanages, hospitals and other charitable organizations that care about the welfare of others. In return for participation in the fundraising, a participant takes part in the prize draw. The first stage of the project takes account of intangible awards i.e. ETH and BTC pools. The next stage is the inclusion of material objects such as electronics or motorcycles and cars.

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About charitySPACE ICO

The Internet platform (along with mobile application) charitySPACE organizes charity fundraising and other charity events. A single collection is characterized by duration (e.g., 7 days from the start of the collection) and the threshold for the minimum amount (soft cap) to be collected. Once the minimum collection amount has been exceeded, the system will collect the donated funds and by the end of the duration (for example, at the end of the seventh day of raising) it will draw a winner from the donors. The prize will be in the form of a cryptocurrency or a material reward. If the soft cap is not reached after the collection time has elapsed, the collected funds return to the accounts of the donors.

Once the collection period has elapsed and the soft cap is reached, the winner will be drawn. The prize is automatically transferred to Blockchain’s address of the drawn person. The remaining funds are transferred to the charitySPACE account. This amount (after ablation of own commission) is then exchanged into the FIAT currency and publicly transferred to a charity. All costs associated with the stock exchange, tax, and possibly turnover within Blockchain ETH/BTC are the concern of the charitySPACE.

charitySPACE Advisors

Muhammad Irfan

Advisor / CEO at BountyPortals

Dawid Gajek

CEO / Founder

Paweł Napieracz

CTO / Lead Software Developer

Patryk Siedliński

Marketing Director

Monika Kruczkowska

Product manager on Asian market

Dagmara Wilmont

Donation Manager

Martyna Białek

Content Developer / PR Specialist

charitySPACE Roadmap

Q1 2018

Beta of the charitySPACE platform. Basic functionality (ETH collections only, ETH prizes only). Introduce the CHT token to the stock market and take care of maintaining high market value.

Q2 2018

Introduction of collections in the model payment in: crypto / prize: goods on the European market. Additional currency of Bitcoin (BTC+BCH) rebounds.

Q3 2018

charitySPACE mobile app platform will start. Widening availability of Russian and Japanese market. Additional currency collections: Litecoin (LTC), Lisk (LSK)

Q4 2018

Further development plans of the company dictated by the experience of its users. Expansion into World markets. Taking care of the investment attractiveness of the CHT. Lets work together!


charitySPACE token info

Token CHT
Platform Ethereum

Coin price Undefined

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Accepting ETH
Equity on offer Undefined

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