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CareX is a blockchain platform on Ethereum linking security and transparency with healthcare. A token currency (CARE) can be used on the CareX platform for the purchase and sale of health care services. The substantial benefits to patients, providers and suppliers.

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About CareX ICO

CareX is a new way for people to find and pay for health care using a blockchain-based alternative to insurance.
CareX transactions are recorded on the Ethereum ledger and are thus simultaneously secure and liquid. Each token provides a share in an annual profit distribution of 0.5 percent from CareX, in addition to their token-value.

We are working to create a market for the tokens by signing up a network of providers that will accept them in return for services, such as a trip to the emergency room. CARE tokens aren’t just for personal consumption. Using smart contracts, the CareX community of token holders can give or exchange tokens with anyone at any moment right from their wallet.

CareX is much more than a currency. Token holders are able to utilize the CareX wallet to securely host their medical records, granting short-term access to providers as needed and decided. You can even get preliminary unofficial diagnoses to ailments by speaking with Dr. Pinto, a medically trained AI-based chatbot.

CareX doesn’t only benefit healthcare patients and investors, it also creates an effective digital alternative to the administrative challenges experienced by providers, taking them back to the basics of a transparent market where all prices are readily available, and payments are immediate. CARE tokens are encrypted and can be exchanged for Bitcoins (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and US Dollars (USD). CareX doesn’t interfere with current payment systems. Rather, it runs alongside and in addition to existing insurance models as a low cost, easy-to-use, effective form of investment.

CareX is already being built. Backed by an existing healthcare software platform used by providers around the world, when the platform is completed, participants in the CareX Simple Agreement for Future Tokens (SAFT) will have a large network to utilize their investment in return for health services. Providers participating in the network will get to use this platform for free, and will be able to offer their services at a discount to CARE token holders because of its efficiency over traditional payment methods (estimated 20% operational improvement; 30% technology automation). CareX represents a significant discount to customers with a value proposition for everyone in the market.

CareX tokens will not only be applicable to healthcare patients and providers at hospitals, emergency rooms, or doctor’s offices. Pharmaceutical suppliers are among the future planned participants in this alternative economy that will increase in utility and value.

CareX Team

Venkat Garikapati

Founder & Chairman

Mike Bishop

CEO CareX Blockchain Platform

Hendrik Klein

Chief Investment Officer

Swaroop Kallakuri

Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain

Jackson Adams

Public Relations

Andy Tunisi

Chief Technology Officer

Daniel Pivalizza


Angela Daniels

Director of Community Engagement

CareX Advisors

Robert A. Falivene

Kurt Defenbaugh

Fredric Ham

Amine Bourbia

Ilyes Benchaala

Kamel Rekab

Eric Haden

Celina Pizarro

Robert Cormack

Charles Richardson

Lisa Grant

JuaNese Williams

CareX Roadmap


100 M Patients


200 M Patients


300 M Patients


CareX token info

Token CARE
Platform Ethereum

Coin price Undefined

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Accepting ETH
Equity on offer Undefined

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