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We are creating next generation software for cryptocurrency mining. Simple remote control and monitor your GPU or ASIC miners. Analytics for all possible indicators, pool and third services data aggregation, lightweight ETH miner and solutions for mining hotels.

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About Buron ICO

One of the service founders is professionally engaged in cryptocurrency mining. We found that to track important indicators of equipment and the pool, one have to dodge and install a lot of software of dubious origin. Also there is an urgent question about the system of notification of accidents and critical values โ€‹โ€‹of indicators. Some pools allow users to receive notifications, however the delay is up to several hours. Another problem is the aggregation of statistics. Most software does not collect or store data, and statistics are sometimes extremely important, especially when carrying out A/B tests. As for the hardware management, it is also a big problem to change the settings, if there is no specialized software.

One of the requests that we received from the miners in the process of market research is the accounting service for “mining hotels”/ hosting sites. Miners host equipment from several investors on their sites, so miners receive % of income. With different investors, % can be different, and there is a need to take into account both the equipment and the income received.

An important prerequisite is that the software market for mining has not completely been formed. There is already a great need for different high-quality software, but it has not been developed yet. Our goal is to create a company that develops high-quality software for the needs of miners.

Buron Team

Denis Shuleykin


Vladimir Dziov

Back-end Developer

Pavel Tigiev

Product Director

Diana Vladislavovna


Alan Hanaev

Front-end Developer


Marketing and Bounty

Eleonora Muradyants

Community Manager

Alik Demurov

Project Accelerator

Vasiliy Barashev

JavaScript and Smart Contracts Developer

Buron Roadmap

June 2017

Foundation of the company

July 2017

Preparation of the first version of White Paper and start of the software development

01 September 2017

Seed round (BURCS tokens sale start)

October 2017

ICO round (31 ETH collected in BURCS tokens)

October 2017

Release of Pre-alpha version of the monitoring system and currency switcher

November 2017

Release and testing of the closed beta version of the service

December 2017

Release of Public Beta version and BURC tokens sale start

January โ€“ February 2018

Support of work with ASIC miner and optimization of service functionality of work with GPU miners according to backlog development

February 2018

Release of the stable public version of the software for working with the GPU miners Beta version of BURON box, devices for managing ASIC miners

March 2018 - April 2018

Launch of ETH miner

April-May 2018

BURC token withdrawal to the exchange

May-June 2018

Release of Linux based version / set up for mining


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Token BURC
Platform Ethereum

Coin price Undefined

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Accepting ETH
Equity on offer Undefined

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